About this theme

Organ is a tumblr theme inspired by organ pipes. Imagine that when you roll over the pipes you hear organ sound. ;-)

You can use this theme on your own tumblr blog, but keep its limitations in mind. It’s pretty experimental. It only uses CSS for the animation, so not all browsers are supported in the same way. Best viewed in Safari/Chrome. Also, it’s not really meant for a lot of text. More as an image gallery.


  • 2.3 (Current version) Added Notes and fixed quotes.
  • 2.2 Choose text/footer bar colours. Streampad support. Profile picture magnifying. Bug fixing.
  • 2.1 Improved perma pages. Thumbnails for Video and Photosets. Links in the footer. Fixed some bugs.
  • 2.0 All post types are supported, more or less.. ;-)
  • 1.0 First Organ theme supports only images.